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Introducing "Oil On Print": Hand-Embellished Canvas Prints by Mathieu Laca

 Revealing my new media type - "Oil on Print" - and the story behind the name. 


In April of 2019, I set out to add a brand new media type to my catalog.

One that would bridge the gap between the relative affordability of a canvas print and the dramatic impasto work that defines my originals. 

The result is Oil on Print - hand-embellished, limited edition canvas prints.

Here's what they look like:

To create them, I first order a canvas print of one of my existing portraits, then I paint over the print to accentuate, highlight, or distort the original work with fresh impasto. 

As each Oil on Print is completely unique, the series are limited to 20 and each come signed and with a certificate of authenticity. 

I love that this process allows me to re-engage with my past work, adding new changes and tweaks in style and color to each and every one. 

So - "Oil on Print" - where did that name come from?

The Story Behind the Name

My team and I had trouble landing on a name for this product that we were happy with.

"Embellished prints"? 

"Impasto prints"?

Nothing was quite working. So I turned to my audience and said, "you name it!" 

I received dozens and dozens of excellent suggestions - some thought-provoking, some inventive, some hilarious. 

Even after all these suggestions I still couldn't decide, so I picked my 5 favorites and put it up to a vote.

laca oil on print

Our big winner was "Oil on Print", a name first suggested by Wayne Dubeau: 

This was an early favorite of mine because of its allusion to "oil on canvas," the term typically used to describe my originals in galleries and exhibitions. 

If an original is "oil on canvas," this new, hand-embellished product is clearly "oil on print" - I love it! 

For his contribution, Wayne won the very first one I ever made. 

Since then, I have begun shipping and delivering a few Oil on Prints and I've been thrilled at the response.

mathieu laca oil on print

Popular selections so far have included Vincent Van Gogh III, Albert Einstein, and Frida Kahlo I.

How to Get Them

If you're interested in bringing a bit of my paint into your home at a lower price point than a full original, I hope this media type is the perfect solution for you.

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